5 Tips For Successful Revision

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How do you effectively revise all that you have studied so as to assess your level of readiness and end up with the best grades? Here are some simple and effective revision tips to help you.

1. Practise the material you will be tested on — Try completing some of the tasks that you will be tested on during the exams. For instance, if your exam involves essay writing, practise writing an essay. Practise with old exam questions as well. There are several years of past exam question papers with detailed solutions on the uLesson app. Do not merely memorize a material, check that you truly understand and can explain it.

2. Revise Actively — Active revision means that you don’t just gloss over the materials but you actively highlight key points, make text-markings along the margins of your notebook, coin possible questions from your notes and try to answer them. Pause from time to time to recall what you have revised, and try repeating key points in your own words. You can also colour code areas that you find difficult to remember; that way it’s easy to do quick readings of those specific areas. If you are a visual learner, break down information into diagrams or illustrations.

3. Take Periodic Breaks — Take breaks to aid your concentration. Regular breaks will help you to feel less tired and retain more information. A tired mind will find it difficult to process information. You could even reward yourself with a treat once you complete a task.

4. Explain the topic to Someone — Find someone who knows the topic and explain it to them. Speaking about a topic is helpful with retaining information about it. It would also help you identify areas you can’t explain well thus forcing you to go back and clarify such information. In the end, you will be better prepared for your exams. Alternatively, you can revise with other classmates or groups of students. Studying in a group reduces anxiety and makes revision fun and effective.

5. Rest and Sleep — Getting good rest and/or sleep is effective in boosting your memory and in retaining information. Avoid staying up all night revising, instead get a good night’s rest for better performance on your exams.

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