Better Learning with uLesson Live Classes

Benefits of the uLesson Live Classes

uLesson Live Classes

During the peak of the pandemic last year, while the world hunkered down in the fight against the virus, we ran an experiment. The entire world was dealing with a new reality that brought with it, disruptions to many areas of life, education was one of the most hit as schools were forced to shut down, cutting off access to education for millions of children. As an EdTech company, it became imperative for us to restore this access using technology. We experimented with a platform that offers live classes to students in the Primary, Junior and Senior Secondary classes in order to see what that would look like both for us and for the learners. 

Now, over a year later, we’re launching Live Classes, a virtual learning platform—the result of that experiment. Once again, it’s a different world we are in. We now have the vaccines, many schools are reopened and the world is slowly creating and adjusting to a post-pandemic reality.

But the needs met by the experiment we ran remain the same. Parents still want quality education delivered by experts for their children. Students still need access to enriched academic content.

But why did it take us so long to launch? We had to be sure that this platform was not simply a reaction to the pandemic and the new world it forced us into. We had to be sure it was a commitment we were making with the intention of seeing it through.

We can now say we have gained these assurances along with new insights and we are ready to march into the future side by side with Africa’s students, equipping them with the academic tools they need to succeed.

So, why should your child be a part of Live Class?

  • Cohort-Based Learning: Compete in quizzes with like-minded students around the world by joining and learning in our online classes.
  • Learn On-The-Go: Your child can attend our online classes, delivered by research-oriented tutors, from any location that is most convenient.
  • VARK-Led Classes: Live classes are laced with relevant illustrations and videos that appeal to Visual, Auditory, Reading, and Kinesthetic learners.
  • Notifications of Classes: Learners will never miss a lesson as they will receive timely reminders for all scheduled classes.
  • Rewatch Lessons: Your child can watch missed classes at their convenience, or rewatch to gain better understanding and achieve mastery.
  • Learner-Generated Content: Learners can suggest topics to be taught in future lessons, this way, all their learning needs are sure to be addressed.
  • Assessment-Based Learning:  Your child’s grasp of topics and progress will be assessed by analysing their responses in timed quizzes.
  • Test-Prep Classes: Dedicated problem-solving classes to help students prepare for exams like WASSCE, KCSE, IGCSE, SAT, JAMB, BECE, JSCE, UCEE, etc.

The live classes will be held in twelve subjects across the Primary, Junior and Senior secondary categories. Each category will have four lessons per week for each subject. Classes will run from Mondays to Saturdays with repeat streams on Sundays so that no learner is left behind.

Sessions for the Primary and Junior classes will run for a maximum of fifty minutes and a minimum of twenty minutes, while sessions for the Senior Secondary Category will run for a maximum of forty minutes and a minimum of twenty minutes. You can even reserve classes up to a week ahead.

How can your child be a part of Live Classes? Download the uLesson app on your app store, sign up and they’ll be well on their way. 

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