FREE MTN Data to Learn on the uLesson app

FREE MTN Data to learn on the uLesson app

Learning Just Got Easier for uLesson Premium Subscribers

Learning online is highly dependent on the availability of data for streaming videos. This dependency could pose some limits to how long learners can learn due to the high cost of data in Nigeria, especially. 

uLesson, further committed to easing the process of online learning for its learners has partnered with one of the largest network providers in Nigeria, MTN, to gift FREE MTN Data to learners with a uLesson subscription.

This FREE MTN Data would aid learners in learning on the uLesson app for as long as they need to. 

Learners with a subscription would be gifted FREE MTN Data to enjoy unlimited access to

Unlimited Video Lesson Library

Get uninterrupted and unlimited access to thousands of richly animated video lessons explaining all topics in the curriculum.

Live Lessons

Schedule a live lesson and learn thoroughly and in real-time from expert tutors.

Interactive Test and Quizzes

Test their knowledge with engaging quizzes.

Practice Exams

Prepare ahead for upcoming exams, revise concepts they’ve been taught and get real-time assessments on their performance.

Ask Expert Tutors Any Question

Get real-time support on homework and difficult questions from our expert tutors, who are available to solve questions learners ask.

Learning Analysis Dashboard

Track their learning progress and monitor their performance, progress, and achievements across all subjects on your learning analysis dashboard.

Personalized Learning

Learn at your own pace by pausing, forwarding, and rewinding, master key concepts, and get rewarded with badges.

Learning definitely just got easier for uLesson Premium Subscribers, buy a learning plan to enjoy FREE MTN Data to learn on uLesson without limits.

Terms & Conditions apply.

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    1. Hello Theophilius,

      We’re super duper glad to know you want to learn better. Please call +2347000 222 333 for help to get started.

  1. Wow this sounds good
    Cause I would prefer using data to watch my ulesson app
    I need some of this data

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