Parents Stories

Parents Stories

Parents Stories





My child’s favorite subject is Mathematics, the uLesson app helped me rediscover this. I feel good about the app and look forward to more subjects and features.





You guys at uLesson App have blown my mind! I got my 6 year old son, who’s in Grade 1 to watch one of your SS1 Physics classes. By the time he was done, he was able to recite the Kinetic Molecular Theory without having written any notes. Grade 1 boy oh! I wish this was the way they taught me Physics when I was younger, I would have aced it. You guys are
the bomb!





I have been reading the success stories of the subscribers of @uLessonApp. My cousin and others I introduced to the app aced their WAEC with distinctions. I am so happy being one of those that worked on this amazing project. Kudos to Sim Shagaya for the great idea.


Ms. Debbie



Infact, I don’t know how to say this but thank you very much uLesson. My son is almost top in his class within a space of 3 months! Everything started during the lockdown. Thank you God, thank you uLesson.”





It is a great app, I have a JSS student using it and it has relieved me a bit of being the home teacher. Thank you, keep up the good work.





All the files are opening very well. The students are in love with the app, the colorful impactful illustrations and presentation.