Should Kids Learn to Code in School?

Should kids learn to code in school?

Should Kids Learn to Code in School? Here are 4 essential reasons why kids should learn to code in school.

Technology is not the future, Technology is now! Now is the time to brace up to get the new generation started on the intricacies of Technology.
These days, over 75% of kids have access to the internet and smart accessories like laptops, phones, and iPads. They are passive users of these products, which means, most of them use them for game purposes, movies, social media, and other entertainment purposes.
Children need to be taught how to become active users and creators of these products. 

This is exactly what coding does for kids. And a whole lot more of an academic advantage. What do I mean? When kids learn to code, especially alongside school lessons, they pick up soft skills that help them both in life and their academics.

Coding, which used to be highly regarded as an after-school or holiday activity in the past is fast finding its way into the school curriculum due to its great benefits to not only the learner’s personal life but also their academics.

It is fast becoming a mainstream subject with schools urging parents to sign their kids up. 

So, should kids learn to code in school? It is a no-brainer that my answer is yes. But the below would answer the question  – should kids learn to code in school?

  • Concentration
  • Coding is not like the traditional schoolwork
  • Influence of technology in today’s world
  • Gives an added advantage


Schoolwork requires a huge deal of concentration on the part of learners. Absolutely everything a learner learns requires concentration something which learning to code helps to develop and strengthen.

Concentration increases a child’s mental performance by focusing all efforts on a single thing which is exactly what coding does.

Coding is not like the traditional schoolwork

Learning to code in school doesn’t only speak to the context of learning within a physical structure and during school hours but also during the term as opposed to waiting for holidays.

 Given that coding is typically different from the regular school work, it is a productive distraction from the pressure of the already overburdened school work. Allowing your kids to learn new innovative skills in a fun environment like coding school. They get to have fun while learning.

Influence of technology in today’s world

Also, with the influence of technology in today’s world and expected advances in the near future, questions like should kids learn to code are treated like rhetorical ones. Why? If one were to live in such a technologically advanced world, wouldn’t they then need to learn the skill set to thrive in it? Having technical skill sets like coding prepares your kids for the career and business requirements of the future. 80% of the future of work is tech-centric, rendering some job roles out of date.

Coding gives added advantage

Gives an added advantage 

Starting during school as opposed to waiting for holidays gives your child an added advantage ahead of their mates who would be waiting for holidays. Also, your child’s academic progress gets a boost from the transferable skills learnt while coding such as communication skills, critical thinking, problem-solving, computational thinking, creativity, etc. This also could put them ahead of their peers in schoolwork.

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