uLesson Introduces Live Lessons For Learners

Live lessons on uLesson

uLesson Introduces Live Lessons

… also introduces Question & Answer Feature

Nigerian ed-tech Company, uLesson Education has introduced Live Lessons on the uLesson app. Students will now be able to learn real-time from expert tutors by signing up and scheduling a time for classes on the app. The Live classes which will be bundled alongside pre-recorded subscription plans, will be in line with the curriculum and will include ad hoc classes to explain more difficult topics and concepts.

With this initiative, the Company aims to further enrich the learning experience of students, allowing them to connect with tutors for richer and more interactive learning sessions. It also aims to encourage learning at a comfortable pace as students can now schedule their daily study routine, learn in real-time from qualified teachers and reserve their preferred topic and slot from the schedule on the uLesson app.

In addition to the Live Lessons, a Question and Answer feature has also been introduced on the app. This would involve learners submitting questions in form of text or images via the app and tutors responding with detailed solutions. The Question and Answer feature is available to everyone — free users can ask one question a day while paid users can ask unlimited questions.

uLesson Introduces Live Lessons

According to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of uLesson Education, Sim Shagaya, the new features on the app will ensure that students have a holistic and reliable learning tool that helps them to learn at their own pace and from the comfort of their homes. He said, “We have introduced the Live Lessons and the Question & Answer features to help learners enjoy more interactive lessons and get an authentic classroom experience. The combined access to curriculum-tailored content, live interactive classes with expert tutors, which they can schedule as they desire as well as the question and answer feature would contribute to academic excellence for learners especially as many students across the country are yet to go back to school”

“We are confident that these new features will boost students’ morale, renew interest in studying and adequately prepare them for schoolwork, tests and examinations. We also hope that this provides enough indication that online learning is a great enabler and is worth every investment”, Shagaya added.

Shedding more light on how the Live classes would work, Vice President, Content Development, uLesson Education, AyoOluwa Nihinlola said, “We have designed the Live Lessons such that all uLesson app users, both free and paid will be able to sign up for classes from a schedule which will be provided one month ahead of the classes. Once a user signs up for a class, they will get a confirmation with details about the class, including time, date, tutor’s details and even links to pre-recorded sessions and reading materials to prepare ahead of the classes. Users of the uLesson app will get a learning experience that is unprecedented in scope and richness”.

uLesson Education Limited would also be gifting learners 2GB data monthly to enable them learn on the app. To get access to the free Live Lessons and the Question and Answer feature, students can download the uLesson app from the Google Playstore, install it and click on the desired feature.

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