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uLesson Learner’s Stories



uLesson has brought so much impact into my academics. Since I’ve had uLesson in my life, I’ve been impressing my parents with my better scores and they are really proud of me. Experience is the best teacher; uLesson has given me this experience and more.
Before I had uLesson, I was not really good at Chemistry, I could not understand the chemicals and how to write their names/equations properly. But now, you can wake me up from my sleep and I will write everything down for you and explain it. uLesson app is one of the greatest apps in Nigeria today, kids in America use it and keep commenting on how the app has inspired them. From me to uLesson, thanks guys and keep the ball rolling!



Science couldn’t have been made easier than the way you people have made it to be.
There is no word to describe my excitement on this app than ‘WOW’! With the uLesson app,
science is fun. Thanks to all the tutors and the management.



I like the uLesson app a lot because the tutors go straight to the point on subjects and it is very easy to understand. I wish more subjects like Economics and Further Mathematics would be added to the library soon.



The uLesson app has made my learning very simple and more interesting. I’m looking forward to when more subjects will be available on the app.



I feel good getting to learn new things, understand known and new things perfectly on uLesson. I love the uLesson platform because you can check out how well you are doing on each subject. I’ve gotten to learn new methods of solving Math equations and a lot of new things in Physics and Chemistry. I just want to say thank you to uLesson.



The uLesson app has been of tremendous help to my studies. I love that the video lessons have visual demonstrations & illustrations. This aids my understanding and makes it easier for me to cover my courses.



It’s been fantastic so far, it’s making me understand complicated topics like organic Chemistry, Motion and the rest. I recommend this app for all students because it’s one way of achieving success at the WASSCE level.



The uLesson app makes me feel so smart because it shows me things I didn’t know existed before. I’ll totally recommend this app to anyone struggling with his/her education.



It’s an amazing app, it has helped me in rediscovering myself in Business Studies and other subjects. Before my enrolment with uLesson, I used to have trouble with Business Studies. I did not understand it and I found it very boring, but now that I’ve enrolled with uLesson, Business Studies has now become one of my favorite subjects thanks to the great teachers that have motivated and inspired me. uLesson has also helped my Mathematics, I have always been one of the best at Mathematics but I wanted to go further and now uLesson has helped me by giving me the opportunity to be better at Maths. It has also helped me in subjects like Basic Technology and Basic Science. uLesson app is one of the best educational apps, it is very helpful especially when you’re doing your WAEC or BECE. Shoutout to my parents for installing this app for me, thank you uLesson and the great management. Thank you, you’re the best!



uLesson app was helpful in studying during the covid-19 lockdown. It introduced me to virtual learning which my school still uses to date. The lessons and videos simplified the subjects and made them a walk-over when we resumed physical classes.



I really love the uLesson app for reasons pertaining to my studies mostly. It has really helped me to clear out my scheme of work for most subjects, making me understand most of the things I’ve been taught since the resumption of school. It is a really helpful and educative app. I also love the question and answer section that was introduced. Also, I’d really love it if you guys could add some Tech. Drawing lessons to help me broaden my knowledge on the topic. Thanks a lot.



Thank you uLesson. This app helped me prepare for my WASSCE Physics and I aced it. I always had issues with Physics but after all the fun videos in uLesson app, I was able to relax and learn. I advise others to get the uLesson app, it is totally worth it.