uLesson Summer Prep: The Best Holiday Activity For Your Child.

uLesson Summer Prep

uLesson Summer Prep

When the long holiday hits, it is usually with a mix of emotions – relief from the break in school activities, happiness from all the fun things the kids get to do, and sometimes worry about how to academically engage them till the new school year.

There are no arguments that the holidays are for ‘holidaying’ but this is a slippery slope as a complete and total detachment from learning activities could pose a struggle for kids to catch up in the new school year.

So how do kids relax from all the year-long hard work, refresh previous concepts learnt and get a head-start on the new school term? The uLesson Summer Prep.

Why the uLesson Summer Prep?

Targeted Learning

Some subjects or topics might prove more challenging to crack. uLesson Summer Prep is an excellent opportunity for learners to sit with these challenging concepts and go at it at a slower pace to ensure they fully understand before they start the new school year.


In the new school year, learners would move to a new class where new concepts appropriate to their grade would be taught. These new concepts are usually built on topics from the previous class and revising these topics beforehand with uLesson Summer Prep would be extremely beneficial to learners. uLesson Summer Prep gives them a solid foundation to build newer concepts.

Learning Advantage

The uLesson app features content spanning different grades. This gives learners access to learn not just what’s appropriate for their grade but also access to classes ahead of them. With uLesson Summer Prep, learners can start learning topics that would be taught in the new class. Preparing ahead puts them ahead of their classmates thereby giving them an added advantage to excel.

How to learn with uLesson Summer Prep

Video Lessons

These are particularly great for visual learners and learners who learn at a different pace from their peers. This allows you to pause, play, and rewind lessons till an understanding of what’s being taught takes place.

Live classes

Live classes take learners on an in-depth ride of explanations. They also get to learn with other learners, drawing more knowledge from group discussions, questions asked and a refreshing feeling of learning with friends. School might be on break, but Live Classes are a way to stay in touch with that classroom setting.

Homework Help

While school is on holiday, teachers also go on holiday and won’t be available to attend to any questions that your child may have. But with uLesson Summer Prep, they get answers to all their questions without delay! Our expert tutors are available round-the-clock to walk them through learning exercises and explain how to arrive at the solutions they seek. The why and how over the what.

Practice Tests & Quizzes

There is no learning without proper assessment and this is a fantastic way to put all your child is learning to the test. When they practise with thousands of test simulations, they become more grounded in what is learnt and move closer to mastery.

Think of uLesson Summer Prep as a cheat code for your child to get ahead of their peers and settle into their new class nicely. Buy a learning plan with up to N15,000 OFF to get started now.

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