UPDATE: New Video Lessons Added

New Video Lessons Added

New Video Lessons Added

In making our learning resources more robust for learners, we’re delighted to announce the addition of new video lessons to the existing library. These new additions further help learners expand their learning across a range of topics. This update was made on the 14th of February, 2022.

Find the list below;

Maths6The Binary System
Number Base Conversion 1
Number Base Conversion 2
Addition in Base 2
Subtraction in Base 2
Operations with Brackets
Terms Involving Powers 1
Terms Involving Powers 2
Terms Involving Square Roots
Equations with Decimals and Fractions
Equations From Word Problems
Simultaneous Equations 1
Simultaneous Equations 2
Physics10Measure it Right
Approximation and Accuracy
More Forces
Properties of Materials
Physics 11Flow
Shapes and Streamlines
Flow Rates
Equation of Continuity
Flow Exercises 1
Flow Exercises 2
Flow Meters
Dangers of Bernoulli’s Effect
Bernoulli Principle Exercise 2
Shapes and Streamlines
Bernoulli’s Effect
Bernoulli’s Principle
Bernoulli Principle Exercise 1
Maths10Finding Reciprocals
Calculations With Reciprocals
English 5Makena and Zawadi at Robofest
English7Learn to Write
Recount Writing
Describing Your Emotions
Talk About Your Day
Be the Genius
Words & Opposites
Let’s Be Friends – Synonyms
Stop saying ‘Very’
Why is reading important?
Introduction to Narrative & Persuasive Writing
Narrative Writing: Protagonist vs Antagonist
Protagonist Vs Antagonist: Character Development
The Land of a Thousand Hills

To find a lesson, download or update your app to the latest version, type in the lesson title in the search bar, and voila!

The library currently features the below subjects from grades 4-12.

Primary SchoolJunior Secondary SchoolSenior Secondary School
Science & TechBusiness StudiesChemistry
Basic Science & TechBiology

Our video lessons are interactive, engaging, fun, and richly animated. These animated lessons attract learners’ attention and foster a deeper understanding at the topic level.

Learners are also able to get additional assistance by learning in-depth with Live Lessons or receiving instant solutions to difficult homework questions from expert tutors via Homework Help.

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