New Features: Multiplayer Quiz, Parents Report and More!

uLesson Multiplayer Quiz

New Features: Multiplayer Quiz, Parents Report and More!

The past few weeks have seen us working tirelessly to improve the uLesson app to help children’s learning experience an even much better and delightful one. We’re super excited to tell you all about these new features and improvements which further ensures you and your child get the most value out of the app. 

Multiplayer Quiz

With the Multiplayer Quiz, you can earn points and increase your rank on the global and local leaderboard when you compete against other players from anywhere around the world. Display your vast knowledge of different subjects and stand a chance to be the highest ranked player in the world! 

Launch your app, scroll till you see the Multiplayer Quiz banner below Live Lessons, tap on Start, select a subject to start your journey to being the top player globally.

Learning Analysis and Weekly Parents Report

Now you can see an even more detailed analysis of your child’s learning activities. The new look and feel of Learning Analysis shows you an in depth insight into your child’s Class Attendance, their Test Performances, how they’re progressing in the Video Library, number of questions asked on the app and under what subjects they’ve been asking the most questions.  

You can also stay up to date with your child’s academic progress with these reports sent to you weekly via SMS & WhatsApp. Click here to know more.

Notification Centre

Never miss an offer, interesting and valuable information with the Notification Centre.  

You can see updates, offers and news all in one place. You can also mark read notifications or clear them all as you please. 

Notification centre

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