5 Back to School Tips for your Child
5 Back to School Tips for your Child

Back to School Essentials for the New School Term

It’s been weeks of putting our feet up in the air and taking a break from the school season and all the logistics that come with it. For everything that has a beginning, there is an end and if you didn’t get the gist so far, i’ll spell it out; the holidays are over and it’s back to school for both kids and parents. These Back to School essentials for the new school term would help you get set to dive right into the flow of things.

Face masks and sanitizers

Recent happenings with the Coronavirus has shown us how important staying healthy is and has further driven home the saying that Health is wealth. As your kids return to school, get them kitted up in face masks and put a bottle of sanitizer in their hands. There are tons of children friendly masks out there, get one with cute prints to get younger kids excited about putting them on.

School bags

It is important to purchase quality school bags that will last the school year or possibly more. This is because school bags would house quite a number of items that can make it weighty. Another factor to consider while choosing bags is comfort. You want to ensure your child’s companion for the most of their day would bring them comfort.

The uLesson App

This is one of the back to school essentials that benefits your child all school year long. The uLesson app teaches your child school concepts in the simplest, most exciting and captivating of ways. 

  • Your child can access our large video library and Live Lessons to further learn and understand topics. 
  • They can also get instant help from qualified teachers by using the Homework Help feature. 
  • They stand a chance to become the highest ranking learner on the leaderboard by challenging other players on the app to a multiplayer quiz. 


A huge number of what goes on in school is related to writing. Get your kids sturdy stationery; pencils, pens, crayons, colour pencils, erasers, exercise books. 

Lunch box and Water bottles

With the much increasing need to minimize human contact, you might want to consider packing your child’s lunch as opposed to having them sign up with the school lunch services. Cute and child friendly water bottles can get them excited about drinking water and staying hydrated. 

For more back to school essentials, download uLesson’s printable School Supplies List. 

uLesson Printable School Supplies List

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