The Common Room: uLesson Monthly Newsletter

Highlights of the Common Room (Vol 1.)

The Common Room

What if there was a space for you to relax, unwind and catch up on all the highlights of the month? What if this space was an escape, a refresher, a trusted friend bringing the good tidings of all your child’s trusted learning app has been up to and more? We bring you The Common Room.

The Common Room is everything you just imagined and more. Here in The Common Room, you’re plugged into the information pipeline of uLesson. You get highlights on Company News; announcements from us, strides we make to further bring quality education closer to your child and others, product updates; how we improve your child’s learning experience by constantly innovating, Learner Stories; true impact stories of children whose lives have changed because they made a decision to go the different way, the uLesson way. 

We serve you winding down nuggets, music to help your child study better, sometimes gist about the latest happenings in the education sector, sometimes we just want to sit with our favourite drink in hand and help you make your day better. 

So dear friend, will you join us? If you will, step into The Common Room, here’s a drink, relax and catch up on all the exciting monthly highlights of uLesson


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    1. Hello Davis,

      We’re glad to have you! If you require any learning assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Counsellors +234 7000 222 333.

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