A Superior Experience: The uLesson Learning Centre

The uLesson Learning Centre

The uLesson Learning Centre

A paradoxical statement which always rings true is that change is the only constant phenomenon – one which has made its turns through every industry; education and its offshoots inclusive. 

Over the span of many years, learning methods and learning channels have evolved due to varying factors. Quite recently we’ve seen learning turned on its head with the occurrence of Covid-19 which saw educational facilities, schools, scramble for ways to adapt to the new normal, looking to technology to save the day. We can all agree that the traditional classroom way of learning definitely took a back seat.

Traditional classroom learning, which includes, but not limited to traditional methods of teaching and learning and traditional learning centres do have their perks and high points but the question is, are they sufficient enough to fulfill the demands of the new phase of the 21st century? Does a room full of students with varying learning styles soaking in information in one way still serve the 21st century learner? Are the tutors reaching each child and ensuring they meet their individual learning needs? 

At the uLesson learning centre, the learning experience is unique to each learner. Slide in a term called differentiated learning. Your child’s learning needs require customized learning styles, pace, and methods which we cater to birth customized learning outcomes. Each learner is reached in a myriad of ways through our pre-recorded videos, the one-on-one chat feature and interactive quizzes which cater to visual, auditory, solitary and verbal learners. On their tablets, they are drawn into a world where their needs are prioritized.

This brings up the matter of invisibility. Does your child who attends traditional learning centres sometimes feel invisible? There are so many students per class that it gets hard for the tutor to keep track of commitment levels.  Think of your old school days, it was easy to get lost in the sea of brains vying for attention and a personal connection.

We are not averse to  this as the more brains out there, the happier we are. What we would not compromise on is the personal touch. We want each child to feel and  know they matter,  this is why our classes feature 20 learners per session – an optimal number, which gives us room to keep track of their learning journeys.  This is achievable at the uLesson Learning Centre.

Blended learning became more acceptable everywhere last year.  Learners had to master the art of combining traditional classroom learning with e-learning. When your child is done from school, to be fully immersed in blended learning, they need just walk into our centers which breeds a close relationship between them and technology and reach every child through the active learning approach.

A study into learning-centred approaches to education shows that children learn more when they participate in the process of learning. At uLesson, there’s literally a ‘you’ in every lesson with us. It doesn’t get much more learning-centred than that!

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148 thoughts on “A Superior Experience: The uLesson Learning Centre”

  1. I love the ulesson bt on prob it jst disturbs I can’t wat I hv been learning in my country and expecially hv been on zoom since the pandemic that’s all I hv to say thx

  2. Can’t you teach other subjects like geography unless it is not the same as in your country.l love ulesson.it is really helping me.thank you very much.

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