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“The riddle does not exist. If a question can be put at all, then it can be answered.” – Ludwig Wittgenstein

Curiosity is believed to have served an evolutionary purpose in humans. As an early human, in order to survive, you had to be curious about the world around you. You had to know what plants to eat and what plants to give a wide berth. You had to know what caves to set up camp in and what caves host colonies of bats waiting to unleash terror on unsuspecting humans. You just had to know.

Millenia after, humans now pretty much know what plants can serve as food and what caves host night-vision enabled mammals. Curiosity now serves a purpose beyond survival. It makes us good problem solvers — a much needed and appreciated skill in today’s world. It leads us to questions which in turn lead to answers that open up our worlds just a little bit more. 

This is especially observed in kids and their seemingly unending curiosity and questions. Ever found yourself the only other human within a child’s earshot? The faster you answer, the faster the questions are fired. With the technological advances made in today’s world, today’s kids have more to question and discover than any other generation of kids. This questioning is heightened once they begin schooling. Then, it’s not just their questions about the world, it’s the questions raised by teachers and peers in the classroom. It’s questions posed in the playground and questions to take home in the form of homework.

This avalanche of questions needs a source from which correct answers can always be gotten. uLesson has provided such a source. Launched on the 1st of July, the 1:1 chat tutoring feature on the uLesson app connects learners with carefully vetted tutors. Learners, at the touch of a button, can access these tutors and send in questions via text, images and audio.

Think back to the many afternoons you spent as a kid fraught with homework anxiety. Hours spent desperately trying to replicate in-class success in your questions. Now your kid doesn’t have to go through that because uLesson has provided easy to reach homework help through its 1:1 chat tutoring feature. Since launch, we have seen kids from all around Africa, the UK and US send in thousands of questions and we’re only just getting started.

If you already haven’t, download the uLesson app and get your kid plugged in to real-time help with everything from answering homework questions to getting answers to the interesting questions of a curious mind.

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